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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Controversial School Policies and the People Who Oppose Them

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See Larry’s debate with Bethany and Kathy.

The “Who Should Teach Your Teens About Sex” show aired on 9/24/04 sparked such a buzz among viewers that volumes of e-mail and calls came pouring into the “Larry Elder Show” offices. Today’s show features viewers that disagreed with Larry’s views that sex ed should happen in the home, as well as teens who dared to oppose their school’s dress code and are hear to talk about it:


Kathy and her 15-year-old daughter Bethany strongly believe in sex education and parenting programs at high schools. They contend that, by the time Bethany’s school started offering sex education, she was already pregnant. Though Kathy has talked with Bethany about sex and abstinence, Bethany says it’s just a teen’s nature not to listen to his or her parents. See Larry’s debate with Bethany and Kathy in this video clip.


Roxanne and Chelsea were so concerned by the first “Who Should Teach Your Teens About Sex?” that they called in before the show had even ended! Roxanne shares Larry’s view that parents should take a prominent role in teaching kids about sex, but also thinks he should acknowledge that not all parents do so. Her 17-year-old daughter Chelsea is a virgin who says that teens are smart enough to make their own decisions about sex, and so they should be armed with the correct information via sex education classes.

School Dress Codes: To Abide or Not to Abide By?


On his first day at a brand-new school, high school sophomore Corey was asked to remove all four of his facial piercings. While some students would’ve complied with the request, Corey is choosing to fight the school’s policy, saying that his right to express himself shouldn’t be taken away. His mother Kati supports his decision and believes the rule is unfair.

15-year-old Cassondra is in a similar situation, having already been penalized twice for violating the school dress code. Cassondra defends her choice to wear short shorts and midriffs, saying that it is her way of being an individual.

Larry disagreed with both Corey and Cassondra, saying that school is a place for learning and that rules are to be expected and followed.

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