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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Families Fighting Over the 2004 Presidential Election

The fierce electoral competition between George W. Bush and John Kerry has permeated households across America, bringing political tensions to the surface. Today’s guests personify both extreme ends of the political spectrum and are having a tough time separating home and state. Find out their stories below:


Butch makes his stance on the upcoming election crystal clear.


When Carl and Jayne met, they were both staunch Democrats. Over the years, Carl has morphed into a Republican, which Jayne believes has changed his entire persona and appeal. She feels he is no longer the man she fell for and that he has betrayed their ideals. The division between them has gotten so bitter that they now sleep in separate bedrooms, but Carl is set on making things right for the sake of their kids and their marriage.


Debbie is tired of Butch’s constant badgering about the upcoming election. She has tried to adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy about their political beliefs, but she says die-hard Democrat Butch won’t stop harassing her about her vote for Bush. Video Clip: Butch isn’t shy about his dislike for George W. Bush and Debbie is tired of it.


Despite their strong political beliefs, Natalie and Jay-Are never discussed politics in their early stages of dating. Now with the upcoming election, Natalie was shocked to discover that Jay-Are is a Republican. She feels upset that Jay-Are could align himself with George W. Bush and doesn’t understand how he could do something she feels is against the best interests of African-Americans.


Josh says his father Gary raised him to think for himself, so now he’s perplexed by Gary’s opposition to his Democratic beliefs. The political rivalry has gotten so intense between the two of them that each has resorted to hurtful pranks to get his point across. Both men want to agree to disagree but their convictions keep getting in the way.


Would you stand by your political beliefs enough to be fired for them? Rena was willing to do so, but her story has a happy ending. After being let go from her job for refusing to remove a John Kerry bumper sticker from her car, Rena received a personal call from Mr. Kerry and a job offer to work for the Democratic National Convention. Craig appeared on the show to play devil’s advocate, saying that Rena’s boss was right in firing her since she was advertising opposing beliefs on his property.

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