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Wednesday, November 10

Racial Profiling

Today’s guests feel that they have unfairly been victimized by the practice of racial profiling. Learn their stories below:

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Jesse presents a controversial opinion on why he wouldn’t hire anyone with a “black name.”


After being pulled over by police more than 100 times, it’s not surprising that Antonio feels he is a victim of constant racial profiling. Taxi commissioner Andrea agrees that Antonio is likely being profiled but feels it is necessary at times. She says that “If you don’t want to be stopped, don’t dress the part.” Though he has been convicted of three felonies, Antonio says his wrongdoing is in the past and can’t understand why he should alter his appearance to live peacefully without police intervention.


Like Antonio, Cortez has been stopped by police dozens of times. According to Cortez, he just “can’t walk out his door without being profiled.” He specifically recalls one instance in which he was walking with four Caucasian friends but was the only one singled out on suspicion of having a weapon. Radio host Jesse Lee sides with the police: he believes racial profiling is warranted and can save lives. In Jesse’s opinion, the police are just doing their job.


Vanessa, Monique and Marcy are college students who also claim they are victims of racial profiling. Along with two friends, the trio was driving home from a party one night when they were pulled over by nine police cars. The group was held at gunpoint as they exited the car. After brief questioning, the police admitted they had mistaken them for a group of five black men who had been threatening a white student. Though the girls have received an official apology from the university, they have not received acknowledgment from the campus police despite filing a complaint.


After graduating from college with honors, Tiqua figured she was on the fast track to landing a great job. However, after 100 resumes sent and zero callbacks, Tiqua sensed something was awry. As an experiment, she abbreviated her name on several resumes and started to get interest from prospective employers. Now she is concerned her name will keep her from succeeding.
Though Shaylawnda also has an unconventional name, she does not believe it has held her back in her career. Shaylawnda thinks that Tiqua should embrace her name and that people should not be defined by their name but what they can accomplish.

Video Clip: Jesse presents a controversial opinion on why he wouldn’t hire anyone with a “black name.”

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