The Dr. Rhoades Relationship Quiz

When a couple wants real answers about their relationship, it's time to ask the tough questions. Dr. Rhoades has provided a list of questions to get you and your significant other started:

Are you and/or your partner guilty of:

  • Not agreeing on how money should be spent?
  • Having different outside interests and/or not spending recreational time together?
  • Not being on the same page about how to show affection and how important touching and kissing is to each other?
  • Having friends that one or the other does not like or is even offended by them or their behavior?
  • Letting one person dictate the style or frequency of the sexual interaction?
  • Putting relationships with members of their own family above the relationship of the partner?
  • Getting into arguments and then making statements about each other that hit below the belt?
  • Keeping important information from your partner (i.e. secrets)?
  • Making decisions that you know are in direct opposition to the goals and desires of your partner?
  • Expecting each other to perform household chores based on the gender of the person doing those chores?
  • Making career choices that will force your partner to put their own career desires on hold or give those desires up completely?
  • Being unable to laugh with each other about the daily mishaps in life, instead using humor in a cruel way?
  • Having different ideas about having children or how to raise them?
  • Using alcohol or prescription medication to excess even after your partner has expressed concern about the amount and the way you are using them?
  • Fighting openly with another person besides your partner or ignoring your partner at a social gathering?
  • Having the desire and the need to change the other "for the better" (in your opinion)?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, it may be time to sit down and address the issue rather than letting it fester. These issues are common and it is completely normal to experience these problems. The key is to talk about them and establish an open line of communication and understanding.



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