Find out what really happens behind the scenes before a show! We give you an exclusive look at the folder Larry receives the night before every taping. Check out the personal "Dear Larry" letter from the producer and pictures and pre-interviews of the guests for a "Larry's-Eye View" you can't get anywhere else.

Today's Show Folder:
Couples in Conflict Over A Spouse's Obsession with Money

Dear Larry Letter

Pre-Interview with Kathy
Kathy can't deal with her husband Lawrence's extreme frugality anymore.

Pre-Interview with Lawrence
Lawrence wants Kathy to be more mindful of the budget limitations that he has set.

Pre-Interview with Leah
Though she admits to spending money excessively, Leah believes that, as long as the bills are paid and food is on the table, she does not have a spending problem.

Pre-Interview with Aaron
Aaron wants Leah to stop spending money and help realize the goal of buying a house.

Pre-Interview with Bradly
Bradly says that Tiffany is too spoiled and that if the overspending keeps up, they'll both be in the poor house.

Pre-Interview with Tiffany
Tiffany believes designer labels and luxury items are worth the high prices.