Find out what really happens behind the scenes before a show! We give you an exclusive look at the folder Larry receives the night before every taping. Check out the personal "Dear Larry" letter from the producer and pictures and pre-interviews of the guests for a "Larry's-Eye View" you can't get anywhere else.

Today's Show Folder:
"Wives Confront Their Husbands About Being Horrible Dads"

Dear Larry Letter

Pre-Interview with Jessica
Jessica says her husband Freddy leaves her with 100% of the parenting duties and refuses to help even when he's at home.

Pre-Interview with Freddy
Freddy enjoys his peace and says that he needs to be alone when at home rather than tend to the kids.

Pre-Interview with Carlos
Carlos admits to coming and going as he pleases, but says the kids have never complained to him about it.

Pre-Interview with Leslie
Leslie is imploring Carlos to spend less time drinking with his buddies and more time with his family.

  Pre-Interview with Gina
Gina says that when her kids come home from visiting her ex-husband Mike, that they will complain about his verbal abuse and favoritism.

  Pre-Interview with Lloyd
Lloyd prides himself on being a great single father to his two children and says he will do anything for them.