Find out what really happens behind the scenes before a show! We give you an exclusive look at the folder Larry receives the night before every taping. Check out the personal "Dear Larry" letter from the producer and pictures and pre-interviews of the guests for a "Larry's-Eye View" you can't get anywhere else.

Today's Show Folder:
"Losin' It with Ruben"

Dear Larry Letter

Pre-Interview with Ruben
Now that Ruben has conquered the recording world, he is setting his sights on losing weight.

Pre-Interview with Cynthia Graff
Cynthia talks about how the Lindora 10-Week plan will help Ruben take off 10% of his starting weight.

Pre-Interview with Seven
Personal trainer Seven Boggs gives some advice on how to shape up safely.

Pre-Interview with Angel
Angel says that, for her, losing weight has been like Ruben's song "Flying Without Wings" -- impossible.

Pre-Interview with Debbie
Debbie is so desperate for her daughter Angel to lose weight that she has offered to be her companion on the weight loss plan.